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Surrounding tourism

Fuyou Club recommendation Beppu sightseeing spot

15 minutes by car from JR Beppu Station, 1 minute from Beppu IC of Oita Expressway,
It is conveniently located as a base for sightseeing as well as business.
Of course, there are places of interest in Beppu Onsen the surrounding area as well as Oita Nature
There are lots of fun spots.
When you come to Fuyou Club, please enjoy sightseeing in the area together.
  • Classic tourist attractions

    • 8 minutes by car from the hotel

      Jigoku Meguri

      Umi Jigoku, Oniishibozu Jigoku, Yama Jigoku, Kamado Jigoku, Oniyama Jigoku, Shiraike Jigoku,
      Eight Chinoike Jigoku, Tatsumaki Jigoku.
      If you see each one relaxingly, you can get one place for 30 minutes
      You had better consider your time.

    • 25 minutes by car from the hotel


      Umitigami has many popular people.
      From charming gestures, elegant swimming and many other friends
      Fun to find your favorite.
      Depending on where you see the large migration aquarium installed in the facility
      We have been devised to look different in aquarium.
    • 30 minutes by car from the hotel

      African Safari

      You can visit over 70 species of over 1000 animals.
      There are animal zones and Petting Area
      You can observe the animals while moving by the private car in the park.
      Take a `` Jungle Bus'' to feed lions, bears, elephants, etc.
      It is a spot that you can enjoy even for families and couples all day.

  • Hot Springs

    • 7 minutes by car from the hotel

      Beppu alum hot spring, Beppu Hoyo Land

      The hot spring “Konya Jigoku” at Hoyo Hoyo Land was named after the entire surface of the Yuike boiled amber. It has few mineral mud in the world, and it is effective for skin such as skin, atopy and rheumatism.
      After raising metabolism, the warming effect is also high, so the hot water is a happy mood.
    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Takegawara Onsen

      It is a public bath that is famous for sand bathing which sweat is buried in the sand at a public bathing ground which continues from Meiji.
      Lay on the black sand, ask the sand to hang out so that it can not move from above,
      After a while the gourd and sweat run down, it looks like a natural sauna.

    • Beppu Beach Sand Bath

      A famous hot spring located in the seaside Shoningahama Park of Shoningahama Park.
      Sand water separated into 6 meters in width and 20 meters in length is always kept at 42 degrees,
      Change clothes to a special yukata robe and lie down there, then the sandclaws will sprinkle the sand well.
      By the time I get out of the sand, I feel comfortable as both my mind and body are refreshing.

    • 5 minutes on foot


      Yumemuri Family-yu "Sakura yu" no Machi, Beppu was born as a hot water in a historic mountain ruins of Hotta's Yumemuri Family-yu "Sakura yu".A peaceful appearance that studied the atmosphere of the villa and its surroundings, including the gardens where cherry trees lined up worthy for its name.It is a new family hot spring to pick you up in the bath of unique expressions as the finest natural hot spring.
  • eat

    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Beppu Toyoken

      Shiro Miyamoto, the founder of the Taisho Emperor, served as the first restaurant in Oita Prefecture
      Opened restaurant is Toyoken.
      Often taken up on TV and magazines such as Original Toriten was born in Toyoken
      The taste passed down to the generations after three generations to the people inside and outside the prefecture as it was founded
      It continues being loved.
    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Beppu Cold Noodle, Six Sheng

      Beppu Cold Noodle noodle noodles are thick and elastic noodles
      , Medium thin noodles and two types of noodles with smooth slippery noodles.
      The former is mainly in cold noodle specialty shops, and the latter are many in yakiniku store shops.
      It is common that there are many soups based on Japanese style dashi.
      Also, in many shops, you can see using homemade noodles and pushing hand-made dough with noodle machine.
    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Okamotoya Jigoku Pudding

      A bitter taste of caramel and a steaming hell that makes it rich in flavor.
      Every piece finished by hand, a piece packed full of hot spring spices.
      Original menus prepared through repeated research · Yuda Udon and
      Simple salt egg is also popular.
  • Horita Yu no Sato, Walking around Yukemuri

    • 5 minutes on foot from the hotel

      Beppu Hotta Onsen

      Hotta Onsen is a major transportation hub leading to Yufuin and Hita for a long time
      Edo Era has a history that prospered as a hot spring field since the Edo Era.
      The new Hotta Onsen represents Horita Onsen Village located at the western entrance of Beppu
      It opened as a municipal hot spring in April 2003.
      In addition to the inner bath, you can enjoy a seasonal outdoor bath with planting and rocky work.
      In addition, we have a rest room so that you can relax and relax after bathing.

    • 10 minutes on foot from the hotel

      Shiraito Falls

      Taki of the height difference 30 m.
      It is said that it was named from a place where it seems to be swaying cocoon.
      Its appearance is delicate and contrasts with the deep green of the surroundings makes it beautiful and rejuvenates our mind.
    • 15 minutes on foot from the hotel

      Yume no Sato, All Seasons

      Firefly dance outdoor bath
      A hot spring located upstream of the Asami River River in the Horita District
      In the early summer you can enjoy an outdoor bath while watching the fireball dance.
      For environmental protection only shampoo for sole use and sole for free lending can be used and thoroughly.