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Attraction of restaurant wedding

It is not imitating anyone, not a type, a wedding made by two people.We accept and thank you for gratitude to parents, feelings for friends, what kind of words the two people would like to express in what form.

  •                ~Dramatic wedding ceremony~

                It's as if I was wearing a ceremony in the forest
                The sun that plugs in from the green tree
                While feeling the gentle wind blowing on my skin
                The wedding is like a movie scene ...
  •            ~Delicious dish of the restaurant~

             Restaurant The biggest attraction of wedding is "cooking"
                Technology as a restaurant chef
               With a delicious dish where my thought was crowded
                Guests can be hospitable.
  •              ~Free arrangement with charter~

               It is a luxury that can be done because "only one pair per day".
                    When entering the entrance, there
                The space full of two people spreads.
  •               ~Together with your precious family and children~
                  We have a nice plan.


Wedding cuisine is absolutely tasty! The absolute requirement of the charm of a restaurant wedding that does not disappoint the voice of you is stuck to the dishes, the exclusive chefs skillfully prepare a dramatic menu plan.

  •                  Chef Takaoka (Western Food)

                    Born from fusion of ingredients
              I'd like you to enjoy "new discoveries".
               Full-fledged French course, parties and wedding cuisine etc.
              Guests can enjoy it according to various scenes
                    We offer dishes.

  •                   Chef Wakaki (Japanese Food)

                Feel free to enjoy Japanese food at the hot spring hotel.
             Sometimes you forget your time and relax and have a meal.
                 Japanese craftsmen will hospitality with delicate cuisine.

Party Room

I will suggest a day that will make you smile from the heart you want to keep as a party to stay for the rest of the guest.

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