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Hot Springs

Skin-smooth Natural hot spring flowing from the source "Bihada-no-yu spring"

The hot spring of Fuyou Club is the source of the source of "Hotta Onsen", one of Beppu Hachi-yu Hotta Onsen.
Hotta Onsen has a history which prospered as a hot spring field since the Edo Era the harbor of transportation leading to Yufuin and Hita for a long time.
There are many simple hot springs in spring quality, but because the hotel is separated by a river, the spring quality is soft with a weak bicarbonate salt spring and it has a feeling of moisturizing moisture in the bath.
Please relax and relax yourself at home relaxing hot springs at our hotel.
  • Bihada-no-yu

    【Female bathhouse】
    《From 6:00 to 10: 00/14: 00 to 25:00》
    You can enjoy a hot spring even though it is a hotel!
    Because it is a crib bed installation!
    Powder room and sauna room are available.

    【Male bath】
    《From 6:00 to 10: 00/14: 00 to 25:00》
    Natural hot spring with sourced over spring
    Sauna Room, Dressing room,
    Men's toiletries are available.

    【Stop-by hot water】
    《From 12:00 to 15:00》 Closed on Saturdays and holidays
    May not be available for maintenance.
    ※Inquiry required
    Bathing fee for using public bath
    Adult \ 800
    Elementary school student \ 400
    Hot spring bath hours
    6:00 am to 10:00 am/From 14:00 PM to 25:00
    Hot spring qualities
    50.7 ℃ Hydrogen carbonate spring-also known as "Bihada-no-yu".
    Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source

    Male and female 1 with sauna
    ※Self-esthetic set women's public bath
    Liver disease, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disease, gout, cut, burn, Skin disease
  • Information on sauna

    Sauna Room

    At the Beppu Onsen and sauna the daily tired body ...Please relax and enjoy the luxurious relaxation temporary.
    Hot spring bath hours
    15:00 to 23:00
  • Beauty salon · Relaxation

    Phyto (Plant Prescription) relax and Phyto (Plant Prescription), beauty and health.

    "Phyto (Plant Prescription) Aroma Lymphoma Therapy Phyto Aroma Lymphoma Therapy" provided at Hotel Fuyo Club promotes blood circulation by discharging waste matter in the body, further tightening your face and legs, refreshing as well as whole body fatigue and menopausal symptoms It is effective also to improve.

    I will treat you according to the condition of each person.
    Please use it for your beauty and health and refreshment.
    ※It is limited to staying.