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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About relaxation menu (beauty salon)

    A. The Phyto (plant prescription) Lymphotherapy provided by us is only for women, limited reservation system.
    Beauty salon Tissian is not alContinue reading
  • About amenity

    Q. About amenity of the room · public bath
    A. Shampoo · rinse · body soap for rooms and public bath
      Cleansing, facial washing, lotion and Continue reading
  • About the location of the hotel

    Q. Access from getting off the highway
    A. Leave the Beppu IC and turn left at the first traffic light
      Turn left at Horita Sansaro (interseContinue reading
  • About humidifier

    Q. Is there a humidifier?
    A. There are limitations on the number, so it may not be ready.
      We rent it for free
      Please inform us when you Continue reading
  • About the bath of the room

    Q. Is there a bath in the room?
    A. There is a bath in the room, but it is a unit bath.
      It becomes tap water rather than hot spring.
  • Is there a shuttle?

    A. Yes.It will be a reservation system until the previous day
    We accept even from 1 person
    Please contact us by the day before when you use.Continue reading
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    A. Yes.
    All rooms are non-smoking rooms.
    If you smoke, we have an ashtray at the entrance or on the terrace.

  • About the bath inside the facility

    A. Our hotel's bath is fresh spring source.
    However, there is no outdoor bath / family bath only with the inner bath of each large public baContinue reading
  • Is there a Japanese-style room?

    A. We are sorry.
    All our rooms are western style (bedroom).
  • Is there a parking lot?

    A. Yes.
    There are 2 places on the mountain side (upper side) and the sea side (lower side) of the hotel.
    It is possible to accommodate 40 unContinue reading
  • Is it possible to use it in a wheelchair?

    A. You can use it.
    It is barrier-free from the hotel entrance.
    There is no step to the guest room / restaurant
    It is possible to use it in aContinue reading
  • About Internet use in the room

    A. Hotel in all the rooms Wi-Fi internet
    You can use.
    However, security is free, so please share with us at customer's control.
    I'm asking yContinue reading
  • About early check-in / late check-out

    The following fee (per person, tax included) will be charged every hour.
    Early check-in Check-in possible from 14:00 (¥ 1080 addition per peContinue reading

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